(suitable for vegetarians)

by one fine chocolatier       Sebastian Kobelt

UntitledThe building of this taste from heaven starts upside down. The first part is the salted caramel layer. It is made from sugar, butter, cream, vanilla, sea salt and Agar-agar. This sensational blanket of taste is left to set over night.

The middle layer is the dark chocolate ganache. Using 64% chocolate and cream. The next day the creamy soft filling is poured over the caramel and again left to set over night at room temperature.

Our cool Scottish temperatures are less of a hindrance to this process than it would be in a hotter climate.





On the second day when the two layers are firm, a fine coat of tempered chocolate seals them, ready for the cookie biscuit base. This is pressed and rolled finely between two sheets and individual squares are cut and placed on top. Three delicious layers bound together to stimulate the taste buds with a flavour so good it is hard to describe. The caramel remains soft to the bite and not too sweet. The sea salt is there to pull the sweet intensity back but it is subtle, a suggestion. Like an aroma on the breeze that hints the sea is near. A crunch is added with the cookie layer to complement the soft texture of the caramel and firmer ganache.





The first cuts are made to form their shape. Finally a thin molten chocolate is poured over to encase the squares in a velvet skin which are left again to set for the last time.

The combination; a perfect marriage.

The whole process is done by hand with much care.





Sebastian is German Chocolate Master and World Chocolate Master finalist and we at Mark Murphy’s are privileged and proud to be associated with him.

He lives and works here in Scotland and supplies many top hotels and restaurants.

How fortunate are we the chocolate lovers.