After a ‘showcase event’ at Edinburgh Business School. Betsy Dorfman, PA to Professor Keith Lumsden and Alick Kitchin, used up some of the more interesting produce from Mark Murphy’s.

She spent some time preparing the flavourful vegetables, Mooli and salsify. Mooli, also called daikon, is a vegetable often used in salads eaten in Asia and it is now becoming more and more popular in Europe. It is like a giant form of radish. Salsify is a root vegetable from the dandelion family and tastes faintly like oysters when cooked which is why it is also known as the oyster plant.

Betsy cooked the peeled and chopped salsify in water seasoned with lemon juice, bay leaves, peppercorns, coriander seeds. After draining, she pan fried the vegetable until lightly browned. Her verdict was ‘delicious’. The taste and texture reminding her of artichoke hearts.

The mooli was so large, she got two dishes out of it. One was daikon fritters and the other a curry with red lentils. The daikon fritters were made up of grated mooli, garlic, red onion, breadcrumbs and a beaten egg. Seasoned with black pepper, paprika and some chilli sauce, the fritters were also very tasty we hear and none were left. Below are two pictures. One of the Daikon fritters and the other, the lightly fried salsify.

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